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WILLIAM TON HTJMBOLBT was bom In Potsdam, on
the 22nd of June, 1767, his father being at the time
chamberlain to the Princess Elizabeth of Prussia.
The genealogy of the family, the childhood of the
gifted brothers., which -was spent in Tegel, the family
estate, situated near Berlin, and the sketch of their
boyish studies, have been detailed in the biography of
the younger brother, which precedes this life, and it
will suffice, therefore, if we pass quickly over these
years, and commence our account from the period
when the paths of "William and Alexander diverge.
Their first tutor * was Canape, who left them to preside
over an educational establishment in Haxnburg^and
whose place was then filled by Bamth, who remained
the friend of his pupils through life. He entirely
superintended their education after the death of their
father, and developed their extraordinary talents by
the assistance of the first professors in every brfuaeh
of knowledge, then resident in Berlin. It is 'inte-
resting to our purpose to know who first introduced
William to a knowledge of the ancient languages and
literature, as the love for classical antiquity formed